Pubs, smoking etc

Types of pub

UK pubs are generally divided into two type.

Pubs owned by chains, often breweries (eg Fuller’s, Greene King) tend to be similar in what they sell for food and drink. If you go to a Greene King pub, you know what to expect (we are not saying this is a bad thing at all). They will sell the brewery beer etc, other brands, bottled beer, wines and spirits and food. Fuller’s tend to have more fancy and upmarket kitchens than Greene King, but there are other chains (eg Shepherd Neame or Young’s).

One of the best known non-brewery chains is J D Wetherspoon. They are known for their keen prices, sticky floors, basic fittings in often historic buildings, tolerable food and the extreme right wing political views of their owner.

Free houses are pubs that are not owned by any brewer and, in essence, are independent.

Many, perhaps most pubs sell a range of beers including popular favourites and smaller breweries and craft beers. Some pubs have micro breweries within them eg the Kraft in Dalston.

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