Eurovision Song Contest

If you are in London, or the UK, today, then you may have heard that it’s the Grand Final of the ESC.

If you are from the Americas, we will explain. Everyone else already knows.


ESC started in 1956 as a way of bringing together many European countries in a non-political way (after the war) in a celebration of music. The first event had seven countries. In all, 52 countries have participated and it has run without interruption, apart from COVID, ever since.

Let’s be clear that it is EUROVISION, not just Europe, so countries like UK, Australia, Russia and Poland have taken part. Because there are so many countries now, there are two semi-finals as well. And a junior version.

The format is simple: each country sends an act and a song, they perform, people from all countries vote and there is a winner.

Past winner include Celine Dion, ABBA and Johnny Logan. Past losers include Cliff Richard, Bonnie Tyler and Bacarra.

There is so much we could write about. Let’s remark that viewing figures are huge and it’s the second most watched show of the year after the Superbowl. In your travels you will find pubs hosting Eurovision parties, celebrations on the streets, cinemas showing it as well as BBC1. There’s a real party spirit.


Loreen won it last year for Sweden, so we are in Malmö tonight. There will be good songs, odd songs and fantastic performances. It’s also a real technical tour-de-force. I mean, really.

Who is going to win? You can never predict, but there are always favourites. Croatia and Ireland seem high. UK seems pretty dismal and we may get no points yet again. Who can say?

The BBC commentary team are annoying as they talk over the songs, but there are other ways to watch.

We love that it is determinedly non-political and that it is just a pure celebration. The audience absolutely have the best fun.

Long may it continue, and do watch if you can.

Oh yes, and the interval acts…

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  1. pws says:

    Congratulations to Switzerland, and UK not last though no votes from the public.

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