Pubs, smoking etc

UK pubs

Time was that it seemed there was a pub on every corner. Some of them were, er, basic, with sawdust on the floors and some rough looking characters. They would also be packed.

But things change.

Pubs are closing at an alarming rate. There are many theories why.

One is just a change in social habits. People go out for meals more and just boozing less. They have higher expectations. They want more comfortable surroundings. They may even prefer to drink at home.

There are still the spit and sawdust places, though they seem to be more of a tourist attraction. Others places have faced competition and have either adapted or gone bust. Property prices have increased, especially in the capital, and some pubs simply could not survive.

2007 brought a smoking ban within buildings. We know many pubs have tables outside or a smoking space, but some do not. This ban certainly affected pub attendance.

And COVID of course. Pubs closed and did not re-open. For a long time, socialising was not allowed.

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