This is out of position, but we are following on from Kong…

“King Kong” was a massive success. It has been re-made and there were follow-ups, like “Mighty Joe Young”.

But we really don’t like modern monster movies, you know, the “Kong Eats Godzilla’s Brain On Dinosaur Island” type of thing. Often they are boring, there’s a cgi fuzziness to the picture. Peter Jackson’s version of “King Kong” was long and dull and had Jack Black. A previous version, with Jeff Bridges, is grim, and as for its follow up with Linda Hamilton…

But there is one film that we quite enjoy, in parts, the 1998 version of “Godzilla” with Matthew Broderick (we also like the original).

Why do we like it? Well, not for the nonsensical story, or the multiple errors, or the music. For a film where characters rely on so much technology, it looks dated, even for then.

But New York city looks fantastic in the rain, and the monster looks like a real monster.

The absolute highlight though is Jean Reno and his team of French agents, coping with American culture. There are some very funny moments, and it’s worth watching the film and skipping the non-Reno stuff just to enjoy his performance.

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