Money matters I

London is an expensive city, to live in and to work in. If that’s news to you, you need to do some more research.

It’s not the most expensive in the world by miles, but it still may be a shock for you.

We have a philosophy for our holidays which is very simple and may work for you. It is:


Look, it’s a holiday. Maybe you have spent a fortune on flights and accommodation, travel insurance, someone to feed the cats twice a day, you have taken time off work, dealt with airport security and airport parking, and passport fees, and lost bags and you come to London and find Westminster Abbey costs £30 and you think that’s too much and you skip it.

But look, you wanted to see it. You may never come back here (and if you do, it won’t be cheaper) and where else can you see it? How many other Westminster Abbeys are there in the world (hint: none).

It’s fine not to go there, just don’t complain afterwards.

Don’t waste your money on things you can find at home, or everywhere. Look for local colour.

When we go on holiday, we don’t worry too much about the costs because it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. What’s a happy memory worth? But we don’t want to be conned or taken advantage of.

We can’t make your holiday cheap, but we can give some advice to make sure you aren’t scammed and get the best value you can ie not pay more than you have to.

We also have advice that directly contradicts the first advice.

Such is life…

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