Several times people have said to me “I’ve always wanted a piercing but…” or simply “Should I get a piercing?”.

What follows the ‘but’ can be many things. There are possibly some medical issues that might prevent you from getting pierced, or you can’t afford it (though piercings are not that expensive), work restrictions may prevent you from getting a piercing, etc.

I spoke to one lady once who worked in an airport in the USA. She said to me that she’d always wanted a nose piercing or two, but her job wouldn’t allow it. She was vaguely thinking of quitting work so she could get the piercing.

It’s understandable that there are reasons why you might want a piercing but not do it, or delay it.

There are no restrictions on who can have a piercing and who can’t. Any piercer who says otherwise should be avoided. There are no gender specific piercings, except the obvious, and age does not matter, as long as you are of legal age for where you live or have some kind of parental consent.

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