“The Big Bus”

One of the funniest films of all time, possibly THE funniest film of all time is “Airplane!”. It’s a film that bears repeated viewings and even though you know every joke, you still laugh. Just skip the sequel.

However, before that, in 1976, came one of the first spoof disaster movies, now pretty much forgotten, “The Big Bus”.

The plot is, well, the title tells it all. The bus goes on a non-stop journey with passengers and crew.

The bus in question is heading from New York to Denver. On the way, it meets various problems, like sabotage and trucks.

There’s a superb cast, including Stockard Channing, Lynn Redgrave, Ned Beatty and the ever-lovely Sally Kellerman.

Yes, sometimes the jokes are a bit weak, or thin on the ground, but it’s still an enjoyable film, and a neglected cult classic. The bus is, or was real, though the one you see driving down the roads is ’empty’.

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