We could not have a list of interesting films without including at least two films by Andrei Tarkovsky, the Russian film director. If you have never seen one of his films, then do. We think we have picked the most accessible ones to suggest. They are available on disc and there are nice box sets available.

Raymond Chandler once remarked that there were two plots: someone goes on a journey or someone finds something. That is the plot of this film.

“Stalker” was the film after the follow up to “Solaris”. It’s a bleak and strange film with lots of talking and philosophical discussion, and water.

The legend goes that a strange object has landed in a space, now forbidden, called The Zone. There is something called The Room where anyone who enters will have their wishes granted and questions answered.

So, the film follows three men who enter the Zone to find the Room. One of them, the Stalker, is the guide.

It’s a strange film. Odd things happen. The photography gives everything a other-worldly look. The end is, er, enigmatic.

If you like your cinema history, this is worth reading up about. It had to be shot twice, the conditions were so severe and toxic that some of the cast and crew suffered and possibly died as a result of making the film.

It’s not a happy film, just a great one.

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