“O Lucky Man!”

Malcolm McDowell has made some interesting films. “A Clockwork Orange”, “Caligula”, “Star Trek Generations”, “Mr. Magoo”… there’s a long list.

If “A Clockwork Orange” is his best known, “O Lucky Man!” is in many ways the most interesting.

This film, from 1973, follows the adventures of Mick Travis, starting as a coffee salesman and getting involved with scientists, corrupt police, dodgy businessmen and finally becoming a film star in a film to be directed by Lindsay Anderson. This film.

McDowell himself was behind much of the original story. It acts as a commentary on the state of the UK at that time, and while it looks a little dated now, not so much has changed.

There’s a strong cast: Helen Mirren, Arthur Lowe, Ralph Richardson, Warren Clarke… Many play multiple parts.

In addition, there’s a musical commentary by legend Alan Price. The songs are great and the soundtrack is worth tracking down.

It’s a long film, rarely seen, hard to find on dvd and sometimes presented in a cut down form. It’s probably a film that could not be made today, but it is worth watching, if you can.

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