Other films for your consideration IX

If you like something a bit off the beaten track, as they say, then we can suggest tracking down the films of Polish director Walerian Borowczyk.

Borowczyk began his film making doing animation, but moved into live action in 1968. He sprung to notoriety with a number of basically pornographic films.

Perhaps best known is “Immoral Tales” from 1973. It was shown in London in a complete form, but only in film clubs. I joined one for the princely sum of 20p.

This film is a four part anthology including one about Elizabeth Báthory (played by Paloma Picasso) as a countess who murders young girls in order to gain eternal youth by bathing in their blood.

One of the original tales from this was removed and expanded to form another, “The Beast”. In some ways it’s a silly film, but worth a watch. 1975.

Perhaps his most notorious film is “Behind Convent Walls”. I guess the title tells all. This is from 1977 and has at least one controversial scene.

There’s plenty of nudity and some graphic sex.

Very many of Borowczyk’s films are available on bluray or dvd, some are hard to track down though but they are worth the effort. Watch it with your chums and you can debate afterwards, is it high art, political satire or porn? Or all three.

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