“Thunderbirds Are Go”/”Thunderbird 6”

Both feature films miss the point of the original Thunderbirds tv series, its lasting appeal. They are both full of tedious filler stuff. The beginning of the first movie is quite good, the take off of Zero-X is great on the big screen, but you know things have gone wrong when Cliff Richard Jnr makes an appearance. Where are the great rescues, the excitement, the novel machines, the humour? Er, even one good idea? And people did not want to see these marionettes on the big screen – they just looked odd.

But neither film takes away from the best of the tv series. It was never the same when the real Virgil left.

And it is only recently (June 2022) that Matt Zimmerman, the voice of Alan Tracy, died aged 87. That means that David Graham is now the only surviving member of the original voice cast.

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  1. pws says:

    On an unrelated topic, it’s funny that people have re-made the earlier Gerry Anderson series Fireball XL5 with somewhat sexy computer animation:

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