Other films for your consideration II

The 1930s moving into the 1940s was a golden time for film production. Many of the films we still love came from that era.

“Gone With The Wind” was 1939. So was “The Wizard of Oz”.

A film with amazing use of colour and a symphonic score is “The Adventures of Robin Hood”.

Hitchcock was still a great director at this time. Fritz Lang made “M” with Peter Lorre (1931).

We haven’t mentioned the Marx Brothers, Warner’s gangster movies, the ‘monster’ movies from Universal, such as “Frankenstein”. Or Andy Hardy. Even Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (1937).

If I was going to pick out just one film that has not yet been mentioned as a must see, it’s “Goodbye, Mr Chips” (1939), if only for the performance of Robert Donat:

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