We in the UK just had a general election. It’s a chance for politicians to give them a job.

It used to be that an election could be called at the whim of the Prime Minister, at least once per five years, but this was changed recently to be five fixed years.

Then David Cameron walked away from the job, Mrs May took it over. People asked her, at least nine times, any snap election coming? No she said, definitely not.

Then suddenly there was a snap election. Why? Because she had a big majority, people loved her (apparently) and she wanted a bigger majority. She wanted to stop on her opposition (of whatever political persuasion).

Because the major opposition party, Labour, was in disarray. Leader Jeremy Corbyn was seen as a weak leader, but an honourable man. He is actually my local MP, gets a huge majority and people like him, because he cares and sticks to his principles. But even his own party didn’t really back him. They were going to lose, bigly. The commentators said, the end of Labour.

But what happened? The Conservative manifesto proposed to introduce a dementia tax. If you needed home care, the government would take all your assets (above £100,000) including your house, to pay for it. You could be out on the streets. Besides, they said, who needs to inherit more than £100,000?

This was so not popular, so they changed it, but flat out lied it had been changed.

Then there was a tv debate. Everyone turned up except Mrs May who said she preferred to talk directly to people, but some say she was simply at home watching tv. Don’t know if that’s true.

In the end, the Conservatives won, but only just. There was a strong vote for Labour/Corbyn. UKIP were squashed, hugely.

It was a night of celebration for non-Conservative supporters, not because Labour had won, but because Mrs May’s arrogance had been stomped on from a great height. And it’s been downhill for her since then.

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