I bought my current mobile phone over three years ago. Are you shocked?

If you look at it, the case is very, um, loved but the phone is in immaculate condition.

I do make the odd call, I send sms messages, I get my e-mails, rarely use the camera, but it can be a life saver, play Words With Friends, keep a calendar, and so on. The screen is clear, the sound quality for calls fine, Skype works well, it’s 4G. What more do I want? OK, the battery is past its best…

Well, the latest replacement for it is out (there have been several in the mean time, of course). My phone is long paid for so my monthly bill is very reasonable. Now my provider wants me to upgrade. Actually, they want me to have an iPhone.

But I look at the new one and it has a super screen but is otherwise much the same, at £700. And I think of all the palaver transferring all the stuff from one to another, updating Android and so on.

I’d rather save my money and buy something else. What do other readers do?

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