I listen a bit to the British 60s Music channel. The other day they played this, which I had not heard properly for years. Allan Clarke’s singing is astonishing:


I don’t know how long ago it was, I’m guessing early 1980s, when I bought a book that seemed to be the first of its kind. It was called The Book Of Lists, and that is exactly what it was, a book of lists.

There was all sorts in it: the top 10 grossing movies, the 10 tallest buildings, the 10 longest books, whatever. Not like a world records book, just a book of random lists.

As you might expect, it spawned and spawns, many copies. The data gets out-of-date.

My favourite was a paperback called Reel Facts:

It included all the lists you might reasonably expect, award winners, highest grossing etc. I pored over it.

Remember, this was a time before the world wide web. Now, if you want to know the ten most Oscar winning movies, then a simple search will find it:

Let’s do the jab

According to some reports, there is a large minority of people in the UK who have said that, given the chance for a vaccination, they would decline. Just how selfish can you get?

I know people who have said they will not have it. Why?

The “it’s only like bad flu/it’s a hoax” opinion is still very common, despite the number of cases and deaths. As, indeed, is the “Bill Gates wants to tag us all so he can control us” idea.

One person I know is not having it because a friend of hers knows someone who has seen a website that says it could be dangerous.

A neighbour says she has heard that it has been tested on people and that they could have become ill, so that’s a reason for not having it.

I’m still trying to understand this.

At least the Pope says it is ok to have the vaccine.