The end

I brought this site back to life in the middle of the 2019 because I wanted to write some words about the Apollo 11 anniversary, so it has been going again for a year or so.

For a site where few people read the words, it attracts a lot of spam, dozens a day, and so that’s it from me.


Xmas was a grim time here in the UK and probably most of the world. Postal deliveries were interrupted and so cards and presents did not reach their destinations, the virus infection rates were still going up (and indeed today are hitting an all time high), tv was just terrible (we had Morecambe and Wise, the Two Ronnies, Blankety Blank and all the usual films, including all day Carry Ons.)

It seemed there was nothing to look forward to. New Year celebrations should really not be going ahead.

And the weather has been dreadful, with storms and snow (so it was officially a white Xmas).


I listen a bit to the British 60s Music channel. The other day they played this, which I had not heard properly for years. Allan Clarke’s singing is astonishing: