We have some basic information about holidays in London. Here are some links:

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Five days out

If you are coming to London for the first time, for a week perhaps, there’s plenty of different stuff to keep you amused, all easily accessible.

If you come back, you may want to see other places. Here are five, a bit of a train journey away but worth the effort.

We have included some links. You can look up more details of the individual places yourself.

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Five iconic London things we miss…

…even though they have not really gone away.

The red post box

No-one sends letters any more?

Well yes, they do of course. You can see old red postboxes, but they are getting fewer.

So many in London are doubles, like the one above. You can tell the age from the front. This one says EIIR for Queen Elizabeth the second, so, since the mid-1950s.

Modern ones have no character, but there are some very old ones about. We remember Hampstead and Windsor.

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A friend asked me a question about the election results. She wanted to know why there was such a big difference between the share of votes and the number of seats won. She sent this picture:

There’s not a huge difference in the share of the votes between Conservative and Labour, but there is a huge difference in the seats. Actually, the Labour vote is much the same as it was in the last election, but the number of seats is hugely increased.

I answered her question. I wanted to say it was a good question, but it wasn’t. The media and the minor parties have been banging on about the same thing, but it’s fake news.

Let’s explain why.

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