I have long said that people who do Trump’s dirty work, and Trump himself, and his family, all of them, should be responsible for anything criminal they did, whatever it may be, from spreading false information (basically lying) to bribery, treason, false accounting and anything.

In fact, my feeling has always been that anyone who voted for Trump should face the consequences, but I suspect that’s not practical.

But they should not be able to get away with it, nor should Trump be allowed to pardon them or himself for any crimes ever, past present or future.

You can make a long list. There will be dozens of them, from Trump to the daughters, sons and son in law, lawyers, press spokespeople, the lot.

Here’s someone expressing a similar view:

Pity about Priti

This week has been Anti-Bullying Week here in the UK, and other places too, possibly.

We all know bullying happens in schools, all the time, but it happens in the workplace too. As a victim, I can tell you it is not good. Personal comments and criticisms, bad language, undermining your role in front of others and a lack of respect do not encourage people to give their best. In my case, going to work could be hell.


Here are the answers from yesterday, in order from the easiest.

Southerly. No surprise here, Hawaii.

It’s not below the equator, of course, but it is very much farther south than eg Florida.