Tourist traps

There are plenty of people who do guides on YouTube or whatever, to all places, not just London, and who talk about “tourist traps”.

We have our ideas of what this means:

  • it’s a place frequented by visitors but rarely by locals
  • people go there because people go there
  • it is heavily advertised in those free glossy magazines you get in hotels, and often there are coupons
  • it’s often visited and promoted by bus tours
  • it’s expensive and ultimately disappointing
  • there are long queues
  • all round the area are dodgy shops and stalls selling food that won’t quite kill you and tacky souvenirs at high prices, including noddy presidents and royals and famous people
  • it’s an area of high crime, especially pick pocketing, and there are many vagrants and beggars

OK, so that’s what we think of. What about in London?

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