A nation of tea drinkers?

We have a friend who wants to go to the USA but will not because, as she says, she only drinks tea, and you can’t get tea in the States, only coffee. We try to explain, with no success.

Of course you can get tea in the USA, and of course you can get coffee in the UK. We have some tea shops, but are overrun with coffee shops, the usual suspects, and more local ones like Costa. And nice independent ones with roasteries attached.

Just like everywhere else in the world, there’s good quality and not good quality. You can get what you want if you ask.

Find something you enjoy, and enjoy it.

The London water is a bit harder than in many places, which no doubt affects the taste. You tell us.

Don’t assume that what you see in old films and tv shows is the truth. In a recent survey, 63% of people asked said they regularly drink coffee and 59% regularly drink tea (and many both, of course).

By the way, the images were generated by AI. Just an experiment while we were having our afternoon coffee

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