Yorkshire puddings

Just a few words about Yorkshire puddings, a special UK delicacy.

Like most counties, Yorkshire is not pronounced York-SHIRE but is Yorksher.

People will tell you it is a county in the UK, but it isn’t. There is North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and so on, but not a county of just Yorkshire any more. Taken together the parts represent the largest geographical area in the country and include cities like York and Leeds and towns like Whitby and Harrogate.

The Yorkshire pudding is not a pudding ie not a dessert. You don’t have it after a meal with ice cream. It is a savoury dish, usually served with meat, probably beef but it could be anything.

It’s easy to make Yorkshire puddings (some people just say “Yorkshires”) but hard to do it right. You have a recipe for batter with eggs and flour and milk, put them in a small pan like a cake pan with some oil and cook in high heat.

The trend these days is to make the Yorkshires large, but smaller ones are the best. The outside should rise and be crisp almost to the point of burning, while the bottom is soft, almost soggy.

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