The B**** Bus

We had an election in London recently, for Mayor. This is not the Lord Mayor who has a show, but the Mayor who is responsible for law and order, transport etc.

The winner was Sadiq Khan, who starts his third term. He first became Mayor in 2016. I am not a big fan of Mr Khan, or what he has done, but voted for him, as I’m sure many did, because the alternatives were so much worse.

In a speech, Khan said he intends to make London a great city. No-one asked him why he hadn’t done it in his first two terms, but that’s politics – you can say what you want and no-one questions it.

He did say one thing he was going to do – remove Boris buses from our streets by 2030.

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  1. pws says:

    I was talking yesterday with someone I know who has worked for TfL for very many years, and for a long time on the buses, so has personal experiences. They were not shedding any tears about the Boris Bus removal, though it is old news, and had more tales to relate (but I won’t put them here).
    They did say that the heating/cooling was adequate, but that the bus companies chose not to switch it on, to save money. In the winter it could be cold, but in the summer it could reach over 40C and people really were fainting.
    Having an opening window defeats the heating and cooling system, and it makes no sense to me that they would pay millions for new windows rather than just switch on the heating/cooling and make sure it was up to the job.

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