Train strikes

It seems that the UK has been in the grip of transport strikes for more than a year, and they continue.

The main ones currently seem to be train and tube strikes. As we write this, new ones start tomorrow and continue for a block of time.

If you are in London, or anywhere in the UK, and intend to travel, then you may be affected.

There are plenty of places to find information on what actually is happening. The BBC shows the dates and services affected as soon as they are available, and this is always in advance of any action.

Different unions strike on different days and for different reasons. So you may find, for example, a day when Heathrow Express is running but the Underground is not, then the next day Heathrow Express has a strike but the tube is normal.

A strike can mean many things. There can be literally no service on a line for a day, or there can be a very restricted service, maybe one train an hour. If it’s the latter, the train companies usually show some kind of a temporary timetable.

What you may also find is that the service late the night before a strike is affected as trains need to be moved to certain places, and the day after a strike can also be disrupted.

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