The last of the London railway stations we are mentioning, ones that serve the central part of the town, is Victoria. It’s north of the Thames, just.

The whole station has a grimy air and is not a great place to spend time. It’s always busy.

Trains come in from Portsmouth, Brighton, Gatwick airport and places south, including Kent.

The station has two clear parts, perhaps three. There’s a bit on the left (as you look at the platforms) with low numbers for commuter land, then a wall, then another, bigger part with higher numbered platforms (and ticket offices etc) serving Gatwick Express, and so on. Then there’s an escalator to the shopping arcade, then, down a rather dark and dismal section of the station, the highest numbered platforms going to Chichester, Portsmouth, Bognor Regis etc.


Victoria tube has very many entrances. Don’t use the ones outside.

There’s one opposite the low numbered platforms that takes you inside.

Victoria underground station is really two stations. They have two separate tickets halls. Walk along and up a bit for Circle and District lines. Go though the other barriers for Victoria line trains.

We always find the station confusing. Getting to a platform usually means a long walk, especially since it was modernised. Interchange between the lines is a chore.

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