Genital piercings

We would guess that many people who have had multiple piercings must at some time or other have thought about genital piercing. They may not have done it, but they thought about it.

Should you have this done?

Well, that’s up to you, but here are a few thoughts to help you consider it.

Why do people have genital piercings?

As a challenge to themselves, for the look, to show it off, to enhance their sex lives, whatever… It may be you already have many piercings, or your genital piercing may be your first, which is cool. You will have to be 18+ in the UK, more perhaps elsewhere.

What is the process involved?

Just like any other piercing, decide what you want. Find a picture if you can. Find a local piercer, contact them and explain what you want. Make an appointment, if possible. On the day, wear loose fitting clothes. Get there on time, having eaten, and take water. The piercer will clean, measure, twice, three times until you and they are happy. The needle will go through, the jewellery and you’re done. Pay and thank them.

Does it hurt?

We cannot say for sure, but probably. For a short time. Hey, they are sticking a needle through your skin.

Will it take long to heal?

Your piercer will advise, but often genital piercings heal relatively quickly and without issue. They will give you aftercare advice.

What does it cost?

Your piercer will advise. Genital piercings can be slightly more expensive than, say, nostril piercings because they take longer and are more complicated. For example, a septum may be £40 (or equivalent) and a Prince Albert £60.

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