Getting a piercing?

If you are thinking of getting a piercing, then here are a few pieces of (common sense really) advice:

Decide exactly what you want. Don’t get a piercing on a whim, because you are drunk or high or as a dare. Think long and hard about it.

Find its name, and/or a picture. If you can’t, find something as near as you can.

Look on the Web to see examples of your choice, see videos of people with it, find blogs of people sharing their experiences. Every piercing for every person is different, of course, but it will give you some idea of what it will be like. Especially, anyone who has your chosen piercing and their experiences afterwards. Did it reject etc… Do your research.

It’s true you can remove a piercing and it will heal, and maybe leave a scar, but think of it as permanent. Play piercings are not a thing. Consider if it might affect your job prospects, or relations with family or friends or partners.

Find a local piercer who will do it. Tell them exactly what you want. Most piercers will do most piercings, but they may give you some good advice eg it will reject easily, takes a long time to heal, I can do it but you will get a better experience with X, I can’t do this, I wouldn’t advise doing this because… Piercers will give you advice, not to be awkward, but to make sure you understand the issues. For most piercings, there will never be an issue, but if you want something unusual… Piercers want happy and satisfied customers.

Be prepared to travel. If you want something very ususual, you may find very few people do it. For example, I wanted a magnetic implant in my finger and the only place to get that was in Leicester. Then COVID hit.

Most piercing places accept walk ins. A piercing does not take long. Since COVID, some don’t, so make an appointment. If you want something complicated, or specal jewellery, make an appointment. Their Web site should help you. If you are travelling, make an appointment in advance to avoid disappointment. If you do make an appointment, turn up on time.

If it looks like they use piercing guns, ask them for something different ie a proper needle, or go elsewhere. There are many reasons why piercing guns are not a good choice. Even if you are thinking of doing what someone called a ‘boring’ piercing eg ear lobes, nose or eyebrow, consider going to a dedicated piercer rather than a high street store. You will get a better and more personalised service, competitive prices and you may just become a regular.

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  1. pws says:

    Just to add to this, there are many websites for piercers where they specifically say they do not use guns. My piercer does, for example:
    This is a good thing.

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