The end

So, that’s a year’s worth of interesting films to watch. Most we are sure you will have heard of but some, hopefully, you will not.

The idea was to remind you of these films, what they are about briefly, and perhaps suggest you watch them again, with a fresh eye. It’s very easy to see that, say, “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” is on tv again, yet again, and to dismiss it, even though you have not seen it for twenty years.

As we look back on our list, one thing jumps out: that nearly all these films are best seen on the big screen. The really big screen. No matter how big your tv may be, no matter how great the Dolby Atmos setup you have, nothing beats going to the cinema.

Sadly, seeing an actual film is getting harder. Digital filming offers many advantages, but there’s something just not quite right about it. It’s like comparing the cd of some music with a vinyl version. Some quality is just lost.

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