Other films for your consideration XI

There were several films we considered for our list, but some just missed out. Here are two:

“Ed Wood” is Tim Burton’s 1994 biopic on the director of “Plan 9 From Outer Space”, the so-called worst movie of all time (it really isn’t). Johnny Depp is OK as the title character.

The script takes many liberties with the truth (don’t they all), and some of the characters are rather different from reality, especially Bela Lugosi, who was a cultured man who never swore. But Martin Landau’s portrayal is wonderful, Oscar winning stuff, of course.

And the photography is stunning.

Sadly, the presence of Bill Murray ultimately keeps it off our list of things to see.

“The Artist” caused a big stir when it came out, This French film from 2011 was hailed as a silent film with synchronised score, something of a novelty. Well, like Mel Brooks’ “Silent Movie”, it isn’t silent. As we know, up until the late 1920s silent films always had a live musical score, then a recorded synchronised score. There is nothing novel here.

It’s quite an entertaining film, a bit slow in the middle but worth a watch.

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