Other films for your consideration I

I know people who will not watch a black and white film, ever. I know people who will not watch a film if it is foreign or silent because they won’t read subtitles or intertitles. These people are missing some great art.

From around the time of “City Lights”, still black and white (or maybe tinted of course) and silent, here are a few to look out for. It will probably have to be home media:

“The General” – Buster Keaton

A tale of love and trains set in the American Civil War and made in 1926, so relatively recent history for many people.

“The Crowd” – King Vidor

The story of ordinary people in a miserable world.

Not a happy tale.

“Ben Hur” – Fred Niblo

Not the 1950s Charlton Heston piece, but the original 1925 version.

This is film most know for the exciting chariot race, but see the 1925 version. It is way more exciting, especially on the big screen.

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