Hifi II

I don’t do advertising and I don’t recommend products. That’s not my job.

Sometimes people ask me “should I buy this computer or this camera” or whatever. Usually it’s a cheap thing, very easy to pick holes in.

Now, you can get devices that play LPs from a few pounds:

to several hundred thousand:

I can’t afford £650,000 for a turntable. maybe you can…I am sure it is wonderful though.

The cheapest turntables though are a waste of money. If you are trying to sample vinyl, at least get something reasonable that will produce a decent sound. You can get them for a few hundred pounds and, if you don’t like it, sell it on. But a cheap and nasty player is, well, cheap and nasty. It will inevitably disappoint.

You can buy LPs second hand. Make sure they are in at least good conditions and get a decent cleaning device ie a brush or something.

I enjoy listening to LPs. I find it more involving. The packaging makes a difference – I can read the writing.

This is the turntable I have:

It’s the Michell Gyro SE. The arm has been rewired and there is a special counterweight on the back to help the sound.

It’s a great machine. Every so often you have to do a bit of maintenance on it, and there are upgrade options, but it is great value for money and is recommended. Look for one secondhand. They are rare, because people love them and keep them.

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