Hifi I

I know a little about hifi. I have a modest system that makes sounds that are pleasing to my ear.

I have a reasonable collection of vinyl LPs, some number of hundreds. Nearly all are original, that is, I bought them when they first came out in the 1960s onwards. Having very little money meant I could not buy everything I wanted.

I still have them and still play them. With a good clean and a decent turntable, they mostly sound pretty great. Especially the mono ones.

Some discs, especially from the 1980s, are made with such thin plastic that you can see through them. Not great for sound quality. And some have a strange mould that you have to clean off.

There are a few picture discs, unplayed, and some modern pressings on heavy weight vinyl that sound pretty good, except often they have been digitally remixed and have that kind of digital sheen on them that normally comes on CDs.

CD was sold with the promise of perfect sound and indestructable records. They design was such that Beethoven’s Symphony nmber 9 would fit uninterrupted onto one disc.

I am told that no-one buys CDs any more. Everyone only streams. Well, not me…

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