Labels I

In the late 1960s into the 70s, and well, even now, I loved progressive rock. Every major record company had their own prog rock label, and it helped to identify them from the others. Here are a few, nostalgia fans:

Harvest was EMI’s label. There is some story that the name came from Barclay James Harvest, one of their artists.

But they had plenty of others, including Deep Purple, Soft Machine, The Move and some band called Pink Floyd or something.

Vertigo was a part of the Philips/Phnogram group. Originals with the black and white swirl are hugely sought after.

Bands included Gracious!, Magna Carta, Black Sabbath, Gentle Giant and even Rod Stewart.

Deram was a part of Decca. It had existed for some time as a means of demonstrating extra high fidelity recordings like DSS (Deramic Sound System). This was how the Moody Blues re-launched their careers.

Others included Cat Stevens, The Move, Giles, Giles & Fripp, Ten Years After and The Flower Pot Men!

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