Zeta One

One of the worst films I think I have ever seen is a late 1960s British B movie called Zeta One. It ‘stars’ Charles Hawtrey, James Robertson Justice, Dawn Addams and very many other recognisable faces.

The plot is, um, a bit hard to follow. There is a secret agent who is playing strip poker with his workmate. He is telling her of a race of superwomen who may be aliens and who are kidnapping other women. Oh look, read about it yourself.

There’s plenty of female softcore nudity from people like Carol Hawkins (ex Please Sir!) and some a very great deal of nipple pastie work from Valere Leon (ex Carry Ons…) and others.

The whole film looks like it was shot for 50p, sorry, 10 shillings.

The trailer makes it sound good. But JRJ and CH were well past their peaks and must surely have done it for the money out of desperation. Why DA appears I cannot say.

It is an 80 minute film that last for years, or seems to.

Miss, at all costs.

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