It was a truly exciting time. They went to the Moon in peace for all mankind. Everyone around the world watched it if they could.

We look back now after 50 years of technological progress, and find we couldn’t do it now. We don’t have the expertise, plain and simple. Despite iPhones, the Internet, Lady Gaga and heart transplants, no suitable technology is there.

In those days, it was a time for optimism. It’s hard to believe, given the way the USA is these days under the current President.

So, let’s give a big credit to the many science/space films there are, especially In The Shadow Of The Moon, which is astronauts talking about their experiences, and Apollo 11.

I saw this at the IMAX in London just recently. In 90 minutes or so, with no talking heads, no commentary, a few graphics and some appropriate music, it captures that optimism.

Most of the footage from space has been seen before (there is relatively little of it around of course, but it all looks as good as it can be), but the shots of the crowds at take off and of the control rooms is just great. Even though you know what happens, it’s hard not to get totally involved in it all. At my screening, there was a huge round of appluase at the end.

Don’t miss it. The bigger screen, the better.

My interest in space lead me to joing the British Interplanetary Society. I was a member and a fellow for 30 odd years.

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