Day trips

I appreciate that summer is nearly over here, but autumn is still a nice time to visit. Schools are back and theoretically it’s quieter and cheaper.

If you do come for a longer period of time, there are many lovely places to visit within an hour of London accessible by train. Buying tickets for trains is a bit complicated these days. Rolling up to a station and buying a ticket at a machine is definitely possible, but you won’t always get the best deals, so look on-line first if you can.

Anyway, here are some suggestions, perhaps worth investigating:

  • Canterbury, in Kent
  • Brighton (by the sea in Sussex)
  • Rye (old and wobbly)
  • Windsor (castle and park)
  • St Alban’s
  • Richmond (river and elegance)
  • Kingston-on-Thames and Hampton Court
  • Colchester (Britain’s oldest recorded town, in Essex)

Of course, if you have more time, Oxford, Cambridge, York and even Durham might be possible.

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