Do the right thing

President Trump, they say, is a warm, compassionate, caring man. They say. Where is the evidence for this? I have no idea. Who says it? Why, Anthony Scaramucci, who was sacked 15 days before he began his job as White House Communications Director.

President Trump, they say, likes to confound people by doing the opposite of what they expect him to do. As President of the USA, leader of the free world, we expect the President to be a statesman, we expect him to do the right thing. He therefore must be doing the wrong thing, by his own admission.

The world is not a safe place. The USA makes the world less happy than it could be. The USA is not a happy place. With protests, statues being torn down, far right white supremacists believing it is fine to kill their fellow countrymen on the street and the President refusing to clearly condemn any of it, for fear of upsetting his supporters or speaking against his beliefs, this is not good.

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