Happy Xmas

You always know Xmas is here when Channel 4 in the UK broadcast The Snowman (which they have just done). So, Happy Xmas everyone, hope you got some nice presents.

On tv is Mary Poppins, Singin’ in the Rain, It’s a Wonderful Life, Dad’s Army, Morecambe and Wise, the Carry On films…


Christmas is in serious jeopardy this year. A few weeks ago, I was looking on a well known UK store website and saw they had Xmas cards. There was a nice selection, but they were mostly sold out, so I bought some. I collected them from a local branch. “Sad, isn’t it?” I said to the nice lady. Oh no, she said, so many have bought cards already, there’s going to be a shortage.

It looks very much as if university students are going to be prevented from going home for the holidays. Actually, if they come from abroad they can, but not if they come from down the road.

BBC say there’s going to be a national shortage of presents. Food may be in short supply. You won’t be able to meet with others because all social activities will be restricted. Pubs and restaurants will either be limited or shut.

There will be no live theatre, and no pantomimes. Oh, hang on, that’s not bad at all…

Christmas time

I know it is nearly November, but it seems like people have been banging on about Xmas since, well, last Christmas. I know I always complain, but it is silly.

Here in the UK, and elsewhere I am sure, the high street shops are struggling. For many of them, their biggest time for profits is Xmas. With Brexit looming and prices increasing, they do what they can to attract trade. Pre-Xmas sales, starting April, seem one way. Whether it works or not I cannot say.

I know at least one person who puts up her decorations in mid-September. She tells me she loves Christmas and wishes it could be Xmas every day (hmm, could be a song there).

I don’t bother too much. When you take down the decorations, it all looks very bare and sad, in other words, normal.

There are local folk who decorate their houses much like the one above. Over the top?


There should be rules, don’t you think?

And we haven’t even had Halloween, Brexit or bonfire night yet!