When you dig a bit deeper than the usual, you find that some bands have very interesting histories. Take The Dave Clark Five, for instance.

The DC5 were the Tottenham Sound. They were founded in Tottenham, north London and not so far from where I live. At their height they were regarded as at least equal to The Beatles, but only by Clark himself. They were certainly rivals to the fab four, in the sense that they were around at the same time in a similar musical area and appealing to the same age group.

They had success in the UK, the USA and many other countries.

When you think of the band, you remember a five piece (!): keyboards, guitar, bass, saxophone, drums. Clark played the drums, and main singer Mike Smith was keyboards.

There are rumours going around that Clark himself did not really play drums. I have no idea if it’s true. He was certainly always front and centre of the band, hogging the limelight. Clark managed the group, produced the records and owned all the rights.

The band also made a film, as bands did in those days, Catch Us If You Can. The plot involves Clark and Barbara Ferris having various adventures. The others do appear, but briefly.

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