One thing that rather amazes me is when people ask their piercer, will it hurt? I mean, they decide they want some kind of a piercing, a nostril piercing let’s say, they make an appointment, pay their money, get measured up and then ask, will it hurt? Or maybe they ask for some pain numbing stuff, or start chickening out and asking for their money back.

Will it hurt? Well, who knows. Yes, of course someone is sticking a needle through your skin, but different piercings affect different people, er, differently. Besides, and this is an important point, whatever pain there is will be very brief, over in a second or two. It’s a small scarifice to get the piercing you say you want.

If you want a piercing, what do you expect will happen?

My piercer does the measuring meticulously, asks others if it looks OK, checks with her client they are happy and it’s what they want, then just does it, quick as you like. No messing about with the customer thinking about it. “Breathe in” and ouch, done.

If you pull out at the last minute, shame on you. Don’t expect your money back. You have wasted the piercer’s time and held up other customers. Piercers don’t want temper tantrums. Just go for it and it’ll be over before you know it and you will wonder what the fuss was about, probably.

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