“Robot And Frank”

“Robot And Frank” was a 2012 movie that came and went and did not cause too much of a stir at the cinema. Which is a shame, as it is an interesting little film. It does very occasionally get a showing on tv.

There’s a strong cast. Frank Langella, Susan Sarandon and Liv Tyler for a start.

The story: Frank is a ‘retired’ burglar/petty criminal who lives alone in the country. Frank is always getting into trouble, so his grown up children buy him a robot to look after him and to keep an eye on him, to keep Frank out of trouble. In the meantime, Frank has a ‘thing’ for the lady who runs the library.

If you’re thinking, oh no, another film about robots taking over the world, then it isn’t.

In some ways it’s a buddy movie, as Frank and the robot bond. As the film progresses, we find more about Frank’s world and the story takes a more serious and darker tone.

Langella, of course, is excellent. The robot is a typical movie robot, but it needs to be. Catch it if you can.

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