“Galaxy Quest”

“Galaxy Quest” (1999) does something that we think no other film has managed to do. If we are wrong, do correct us. It takes a genre, actually it specifically takes Star Trek, spoofs it, gently, pokes some fun but at the same time is affectionate, a good tale and is funny.

The story is as follows (no spoilers): we begin with a reminder of the tv show Galaxy Quest on its mission into space. In current times, the actors are typecast and spend their time doing personal appearances, and they hate it. However, a real alien civilisation has seen the tv broadcasts and believes them to be real. They come to Earth and approach the cast of the tv show to help them save their civilisation.

There’s a tremendous cast, including Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver and Sam Rockwell. Oh, and Tim Allen as Jason Nesmith as Captain Peter Quincy Taggart.

It’s a film to be seen at the cinema. It has fun with the aspect ratio, being ‘square’ at the start, then 1.85:1 for the scenes on Earth, moving to 2.35:1 for space. It manages to create a sense of genuine wonder.

A lot of typical ideas/clich├ęs from the original Star Trek series are included. Allen as Nesmith is boorish, lewd and arrogant. Weaver, as Gwen DeMarco, has one job, say what the computer says.

If you watch it through on dvd you are then allowed to watch it all again in the language Thermian.

What’s fun is that the deck of the spaceship was contructed to actually move, so the actors really are being thrown about.

A much underrated film. Sadly, a sequel has been scrapped after the death of Mr Rickman.

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