“Ace In The Hole”

Kirk Douglas is a very odd character. He has made some very great films, and some rubbish.

Director Billy Wilder has done much the same.

The 1951 film “Ace In The Hole” is a much neglected masterpiece for them both.

The plot, and the no spoilers rule is going to be tricky today, is simple. Douglas plays a once famous but now on the decline journalist. On a story, they discover a man is trapped under a cliff and is alive. Rescue efforts are in hand and Tatum, the journalist, covers it.

It’s a very cynical story. As the days pass, sightseers come, a fairground is set up with concession stands and the rescue continues.

The end is not what you expect. Watch it to find out…

It’s a film that is rarely shown. The portrayal of the journalist as manipulating is relentless. Douglas’ character has no redeeming qualities. And the critics hated it.

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