The ‘expert’

I have grumbled about YouTube videos before. I am not interested in posted versions of plays, tv programmes or music, nor am I interested in postings about celebrities, fashion and all that stuff.

I quite like informative or helpful videos.

It’s great to see a video called, for example, “The top five features of X that you have never used.” You assume that the person is some kind of expert on the subject.

Then the video begins and it’s re-phrased. “Five useful features of X”.

There was one the other day that said “All the albums by Y from worst to best.” Almost the very first thing the presenter said was “this does not put these albums in order from worst to best.”


Anyway, the presenter is some kind of expert. I am listening to you because you have knowledge that I don’t.

There is one series by a nice Australian lady about Maths/Physics at university. She has made a large number of videos and seems to speak with some authority. And yet she has made a complaining video about how people see her as an expert. She doesn’t like it. They ask for advice or information, and she’s not happy about that.

Honestly, time to go elsewhere, I think.

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