How did COVID affect London?

There’s no intention here to criticise anyone, anything that happened or the consequences. It’s just a record of what happened and how it still affects London today.

The virus hit most of the world. London, being a large city with mass commuting every day and a high population density, was badly affected. It spread quickly.

We had, of course, many periods of lockdown, just as other places did. Not a few days here or there, but months. People were encouraged to work from home (and some still do). Flights were cancelled. Tourism stopped.

Commuting was essential only. Some buses ran at various times, but the driver was blocked off from the passengers and entry was in the middle of the bus only. Some seats were blocked off too.

Going out for essentials (eg food) was acceptable, but there were long queues and regulated entry. And shortages. Limited exercise was encouraged.

Everyone had to wear masks. Use of hand sanitizer was encouraged. Shops saw an opportunity and were charging £50 for a small bottle of sanitizer.

Large stores were closed, or empty. No customers and no workers. Delivery companies thrived, but restaurants did not. No-one could go out for a pint or a curry. Something over 300,000 people in London lost their jobs.

You know the story.

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