The Underground

Going to the platform

Some stations have steps.

Some have lifts, because they are deep (eg Hampstead) or for accessibility.

Some have escalators (eg King’s Cross). You must stand on the right of escalators and not block people walking on the left.

Some stations have platforms at surface level, like an ordinary train station (eg Uxbridge).

Follow the signs to the line you want in the direction you are travelling. Be aware that there can be a long walk (eg Charing Cross, Victoria).

Platforms and trains can get busy. Our best advice is to stand at the ends of the platform, front or back, as these are usually the less busy.

Many stations have limited wifi on the platforms. There is no wifi in trains.

There will be an indicator showing times etc. Make sure you are on the correct platform. If it is busy and two trains are coming very close together, let the busy one go and get the less busy second one.

Stand behind the yellow line, for safety, and do not lean into the path of the train. Don’t take flash pictures of a train.

When the train arrives, let passengers off first, then get on. Don’t hang about and don’t block the doors. Make sure others in your party get on before you. Don’t block the door or hold it open for other people. Go right down inside the car.

If there is a seat, use it. There are priority seats for the elderly etc. You can use those, but give them up if needed. If the train is busy and you have to stand, move down inside the carriage.

Make sure you know where to get off/change. Listen for announcements. Check the station names through the windows. If you are going the wrong way, change as soon as possible.

When you reach your station, leave the train quickly. Make sure you have all your bags etc and people. Stand away from the train.

Leaving the station

If you are looking for an interchange, it will be sign posted. Be aware that it could be a long walk.

If you are exiting the station, exits will be marked.

Many stations have multiple exits that come out in different places. Choose the one that is best for you. If you don’t know, get out by any route and then sort out your bearings outside the station.

Tap out on the exit barrier, even if it is already open. Make sure that you use the same card you used to tap in.

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