Do you remember The Carpenters, you know, the married couple Karen and Richard?

Well no, we don’t either. Firstly, they were not married, but actually brother and sister.

Secondly, their group was not “The Carpenters” but simply Carpenters (no “the”). I believe Richard made up the name, and he always seemed to quite like to do odd things. I suspect he regretted it – if you’re introducing them, or talking about them, it sounds strange. “The Carpenters” is more natural.

You may think it is odd that they are included on our site.

The history of the duo is well-known and not terribly happy. Drug addiction, over work and Karen’s eventual death are just a part of it.

Richard played piano, he sang, wrote songs, did arrangements and production. He is a talented chap. Karen really did play drums, wanting to join in, but she also a fabulous singer, though she hated fronting the band, at first at least.

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