The Roches

We first got into The Roches when we heard Robert Fripp had produced their first album and was up for awards for it.

This band of three sisters, Suzzy, Maggie and Terre, had been producing music separately and in various combinations, but their first album, from 1979, gathered a lot of interest.

The ladies sing three part harmony and play guitar and occasional keyboards. Assisting on this album were Fripp, Tony Levin, Larry Fast and others. The production was in Audio Verite, in other words, simple and direct with the minimun of overdubs and even the odd bum note.

It was a well-received disc and is definitely worth finding. Many of their best songs appear here.

The second album, Nurds, 1980, was somewhat different, then they returned to Fripp for Keep On Doing from 1982.

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