He is something I think is very unfair.

In the days when we were allowed to travel, I went to the USA a lot. A convenient thing to get was an annual travel insurance policy. For more than two trips, especially to the USA, it was easy and good value.

But, I have an existing medical condition, as, I suppose, do many older people. It is not something that might cause me issues on a trip, but I do take medication. I go to the doctor’s once a year for the usual tests, to see how it is going.So I declare it.

Immediately, most companies won”t even contemplate selling me a policy. Some do, at inflated costs. But you have no real choice.

And yet, others who don’t go to the docs and yet may well have an existing condition can get insurance very easily. To me it should be the other way round. If you have a condition and get medical advice for it, your insurance should be less, because you are aware of it and doing things to keep it under control. Just because you don’t know you have it, doesn’t mean you don’t have it. People who don’t keep a track of their health should not get preferential treatment by these insurance companies.

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