Network streaming

A friend rang me the other day to ask about network streaming.

I bought an ARCAM CDS-27 SACD player which included network streaming. But it is unsatisfactory.

It is somewhat clunky in operation, the screen is unhelpful, when network streaming it will not do continuous play, so there is a gap betweent tracks that normally run together, and it misses the very beginning of every track. It’s fine(ish) playing discs. That there’s no app for it either (on Android) is also a negative.

So I abandoned that for streaming at least, and went with the Cambridge AZUR851N.

It’s a pretty hefty device with a small but clear colour screen, not touch. If you want, you can use it as a preamplifier (I don’t). It does Spotify etc, again, something I do not use.

There are plenty of connections at the back and it can be adapted to use Bluetooth.

I listen to Internet radio stations on it, and I stream my music from my NAS.

Build quality of Cambridge devices can be variable, and both this and my amplifier have needed replacement or repair. But now they work fine.

The sound quality is excellent (depending on the quality of the source, of course). It plays anything you can throw at it, FLAC, DSD whatever.

The app is pretty dreadful and often does not work at all, but at least there is one.

I am not recommending this unit in particular, just sharing my thoughts. There are some great streamers out that at vastly higher prices than this, but it does me nicely. It does what I want.

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