There was someone on the tv recently talking about travel post-Brexit.

Yes, we left, kind of, last Friday. There were celebrations in the streets. I am saying nothing.

So, our passports have EU on them, and we’re not any more, so they are technically invalid. We all have to buy new passports that are the old blue (representing Brtiannia ruling the waves) at enormous cost to us.

So the expert was saying that the old passports should be OK for now. “Should”? Apparently, no-one really knows and you may get problems, but you should not.

Duty free allowances I suppose have changed too.

If I travel to Europe and became ill or have an accident, under an EU arrangement I could get free healh service. I have a card proving it:

This also is no longer valid, or maybe it is. Again, at least for now, you should get free treatment, but who knows? If you want to go to Lille for a day on the train, you’ll need travel insurance now, I guess.

But by the end of the year, oh boy…

I find it depressing.

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