If you like prog rock kind of music, Genesis, Moody Blues, King Crimson whatever, you may enjoy a band called IQ.

They started in the early 1980s and are still on the go, despite members coming and going.

Their last album, The Road of Bones, is, in my opinion, one of their best and is really enjoyable. Don’t be put off by long tracks, up to 20 minutes or more. Tuneful and multi-part epics.

IQ do regular concerts. They are popular in the UK, doing two concerts in London alone this year including their legendary Xmas bash, and on the continent, especially the Netherlands.

In September, they did a new album launch at the Islington Town Hall. The new disc, Resistance, is a double cd at a reasonable price. The concert was full (they have loyal fans) and I am sure they sold plenty of records.

For me, though, while there are great moments, it’s a bit unsatisfying and a let down from the last. Having listened to it several times, I still find the tracks somewhat unmemorable and none really stands out.

But you may enjoy it, so give it a listen.

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