I used to visit the USA a lot, and other places. I found that it was worth it for me to buy an annual travel insurance. After two journeys, it was basically paid for.

You really have to have some travel insurance. You never know what might happen.

But I have an existing medical condition that is not life threatening but needs medication (pills). So, when I apply for insurance, I tell them what I have. It’s never been a problem for me, at home or away.

Because I have a condition, my insurance goes up. A lot.

And this seems very unfair. I know what I have, it’s being treated, it’s under control, it’s not a problem. A person who has something they don’t know about will get cheaper insurance. Just because you don’t know (and therefore don’t say) doesn’t mean you don’t have it, and you could possibly succumb while you are away.

So, the people who have medical problems and get them under control get penalised, and others with problems do not. Ignorance is bliss, they say.

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