John McCain

It was announced that American Senator John McCain died today. It was not a surprise. He had been ill for sometime, and just the other day his treatment for cancer had been stopped.

There are plenty of places where you can read about McCain’s life, and it’s very interesting. Try here, for example:

You will note that he had a period of capture and torture during the Vietnam war. He was treated terribly. He went through a lot, and I don’t know how he survived. Whatever you think of war, you would think McCain was some kind of a hero.

Unless you are the USA President, Mr Trump, a man who managed to avoid any military service. Trump said that McCain was not a hero because he had been captured and presumably heroes aren’t captured. Mr Trump likes “people that weren’t captured”. Even to the end, Mr Trump was still saying bad things about McCain, as you can read here:

After McCain’s death, Trump has still not retracted any of his scathing criticisms. The White House wanted to put out a statement praising Mr McCain and his achievements and his life, but Mr Trump has stopped that.

Tells you a lot about Mr T.